We stock items from a variety of suppliers, all chosen with great care. A new network of ‘Zero Waste’ shops is working with bulk food suppliers to ensure that we get the most ethically sourced products delivered with the least amount of packaging possible. Where we can, we will source from local, UK and then EU producers before sourcing from further afield. As the movement grows it is hoped that more UK sourcing will be possible.

If you are interested in supplying us with products then please contact us via email.

Our main Food suppliers are: Essential, Infinity, Suma, Wigan Wholesalers, SESI, Fatima Wholesalers, Doisy and Dam, Nuts in Bulk, Raw Chocolate Co. , Yum In Tum Sweets.

Our Main Non-Food Suppliers are: Eco-Living, Green Pioneer, Your Fluffy Fix, Minivivi, Nim, Rugged Nature, Plastic Phobia.