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Swan Food from The Swan Food project.
The Project provides affordable food & information in Worcester outlets; communicates swans’ needs; improves swan habitats; offers volunteer opportunities
In Worcester we often have 200 swans, and more, on the river near the cathedral. They depend upon the kindness of volunteers, local people and visitors as the river doesn’t have much plant life. They do graze overhanging vegetation, but their necks will only reach so far!
The project gives everyone a chance to help improve our swans’ lives by making small packets of swan food available in diverse outlets around the city. It also lets people know more about swans’ needs, and what fresh and wild foods they can feed to them. Its profits and other fundraising provide sacks of mixed corn for daily feeding. Local people can buy 15kg sacks for us at £18.50.
* picking up one of our fundraising bags – current outlets are listed in the pinned post at the top of the facebook page – just £2.00 for 240g.
Or phone 07742 295149 to order a 15kg sack if you feed frequently. The swans enjoy the pellets so much!
* helping to fill bags – you only need an hour now and again.
* raising funds
* coming to one of our work parties, advertised on this page.
* take out a standing order to make regular donations to feed the swans – email theswanfoodproject@gmail.com for more details.


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