Sea Salt (Fine) per 100g


Fine Sea Salt from Sicily – natural and unprocessed

Sold per 100g

Fine Sea Salt

This unrefined Fine Sea Salt  is produced within the  Nature Reserve  of Trapani, managed by the  WWF. It is harvested by hand and packaged  in Sicily, without any chemical treatment. During the transformation process it is not bleached or artificially refined, and therefore does not undergo any chemical treatment. Finally, it is ground and packaged without the addition of anti-caking additives.

This  Intregrale  Fino Sea Salt  is much more than just a condiment: it is in fact a precious ally that  protects  and  purifies  the  kidneys , intestines  and  circulation .

On the picturesque Trapanese coastline dotted with windmills, shallow pools and white salt pyramids, the summer salt harvest is a tradition that dates back thousands of years, since at least the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Gucciardo family produces Sea Salt in Trapani using a salt mill built in 1884 in Trapani’s natural reserve, protected by the World Wide Fund for Nature, home to migratory birds like purple herons and grey parrots. Enzo, Salvatore and their team collect the salt by hand with shovels – in the scorching heat of July and August – with a passionate dedication to the traditions of their land.

Ingredients: Unrefined Sea Salt

Allergen Advice: Allergen free. However we can not guarantee non cross contamination from anything in store.

Country: Sicilly, Italy

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