Hydrophil Bamboo Toothbrush Case


Beautiful Bamboo Toothbrush holder – a vital piece of travel equipment!

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Your toothbrush can travel with you on holiday ideally ventilated in this bamboo toothbrush case. The toothbrush case is sturdy, light and  made of bamboo. A sustainable alternative to conventional plastic cases.  

  • carrying case in natural bamboo colour
  • for your adult or kids bamboo toothbrush by Hydrophil
  • carrying case in natural bamboo colour
  • made of 100% bamboo, therefore natural
  • case is equipped with vent holes therefore, prevents toothbrush from odours and mould
  • made to last
  • water neutral production process
  • naturally antibacterial
  • vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • cruelty free
  • unbreakable one piece case
  • case opens wide and easy to clean
  • measuring 21 cm long and 2.8cm in diameter, therefore easy to carry
  • responsibly made
  • responsibly made in China
  • sustainable
  • eco friendly

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