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A beautiful cup that you’ll want to show off!

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I can’t believe it’s not plastic! How can this be?

Huskup is made from rice husk, the outer shell of a grain of rice, so it’s a natural by-product of rice milling. The amazing rice husk is strong, high in silica and has short, tough fibres that are naturally resistant to moisture. This is important as it means we don’t need to mix it with melamine or polypropylene or other plasticisers, we use a patented blend of natural starches to help hold its shape.

Are huskup safe for food?

Huskup are completely food safe, tested to the highest European LFGB, USA FDA & Japanese standards. No BPA, toxin free, no melamine, no heavy metals.

How long will it last?

If you look after your Huskup it can last years, but it is not indestructible and can break if you are not careful. It is certified biodegradable to the European compostability standards (EN13432) and ultimately it would naturally biodegrade over a matter of years under the right conditions, leaving no toxins. If it ever did end up in the sea it would disintegrate back into harmless, natural materials.

Dishwasher OK? Can I use it in the microwave?

Huskup is good for the top rack of the dishwasher, but as with most things a careful handwash may be more gentle and extend use. As there is no melamine, you can re-heat your coffee in the microwave – huskup is not for cooking or defrosting, but has passed it’s thermal shock tests too.

Will it keep my coffee hot?

Huskup will keep your drink at a good natural temperature but is not designed for an extended time. Great to make your favourite coffee at home to go. We generally want to drink our freshly brewed coffee straightaway!

What is the lid & sleeve made of?

The lid and sleeve are made of tough, reusable, recyclable 100% food grade silicone, from one of the worlds most abundant resources, silica. It is a stable material to ensure toxins don’t leach into your drink and it is good for heat barrier and grip.


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