Cotton Wipes


Cotton Wipes with a wide range of uses Set of 10/one wipe

Cotton Wipes – Set of Ten or Individual Wipe

Cotton wipes are a fantastic reusable product with a multitude of uses. They can be used as Baby and toddler wipes at home and out and about and as family cloth for all. Used in conjunction with one or our double wet bags they are the perfect wipes set. Ever wondered how many chemicals are in disposable wipes? With the option of cotton or bamboo cloth wipes you can change it! Just dampen before use and wipe as normal, you’ll likely find you need far less to clean up messes! You don’t need oils or special wash routines, just water, and wash with your towels or cloth nappies.

Our wipes are approx. 6 inches square, fluffy terry material, either cotton or bamboo, depending on which option you choose. So which do you choose? Cotton are cheaper and easier to care for, they can be dried on a heat source (such as a radiator). Bamboo is slightly more environmentally friendly as it requires less water than cotton to grow. Bamboo is softer, but cannot be dried on a heat source. For our wipes the cotton s white an the bamboo s cream/ivory.

The wipes are packs of 10, we recommend washing at 60 is using for nappy changes, but if you are just for hands and face, 40 is likely to be adequate. These instructions are also on the recycled paper wrapper.

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