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Although a delicious, versatile nut, Cashew nuts can cause health problems to workers who process them. The nuts must be shelled by hand which releases a chemical which burns the skin. The roasting process produces carbon dioxide and monoxide. Those who work around the roasting process complain of breathing problems, tight lungs, and chronic coughing. Our cashews come from Goa in India and our supplier is audited by SEDEX. The farmers and production workers are paid above government set prices. Workers are provided with protective equipment. These cashews are Organic and produced in agro-forestry systems to integrate with livestock. Natural insect predators are encouraged instead of using chemical pesticides.

Ingredients; Organic Cashew Pieces

Allergen Advice: Contains Nuts

Country; Goa, India

Vegan, Organic, Fair Trade (audited by SEDEX Certification)

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