Organic Cacao Powder per 100g


This is the finest natural cacao powder from West Africa and is high in anti-oxidants.

Sold per 100g

This is the finest natural cacao powder from West Africa. It is Ethical Cacao powder and is high in anti-oxidants.  Made from beans fermented under a carpet of banana leaves.  Natural cocoa powders undergo a minimum of processing and do not require alkalising with chemicals.

Cocoa vs. Cacao. The difference between cacao and cocoa is that cocoa has been processed at high heat, which destroys much of the nutritional benefits of the cacao seed. Cacao powder is made of fermented (not roasted) seeds that are processed at low temperatures and then milled into a powder. Cacao packs in more calcium than cow’s milk. It’s densely packed with iron, magnesium and antioxidants. Consuming cacao can help with issues such as depression, stress, blood pressure and heart health.

Ingredients: 100% Natural, fat-reduced Cocoa Powder.

Allergen Advice: Allergen free. However we can not guarantee non cross contamination from anything in store.

Country: Ethical Cocoa sourced from West Africa

Vegan & Organic

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