Buckwheat Flour – organic Per 100g


Organic Buckwheat Flour

Sold per 100g

Buckwheat Flour has a sweet. nutty flavour and can be used to make bread, cakes and pancakes.

Buckwheat is Gluten free as it is a pseudo grain rich in complex carbohydrates.

Buckwheat itself is a very highly regarded ancient grain due to its many nutritional benefits:

  • It is a carbohydrate but contains a high level of protein and fibre which aids digestion.
  • It is also said to contain disease fighting anti-oxidants and can help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Buckwheat doesn’t rise which is why it is so well suited to pancakes, biscuits or in pastry.

If you are using it in a cake then the results may be a little heavy or crumbly since it doesn’t have the binding properties of gluten. However if you use it in combination with a starchy flour such as sweet rice flour or a nut flour like almond flour then you can produce beautiful light fluffy bakes with a good structure.

Since its flavour is so pronounced buckwheat flour is best used in moderation in certain recipes, perhaps in conjunction with other alternative flours. However stick to more neutral tasting lighter flours. Perhaps in a cake no more than 50% buckwheat flour might be used in the total flour percentage.

Ingredients: Buckwheat (kasha) Flour (100% organically grown)

Origin: Holland

Storage: Cool and Dry, away from direct lighting and string odours.


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