Meet the Team


'Pack It In' consists of myself, Phil ( Phillipa not Phyllis!), and my wonderful Team. My ‘Zero Waste ’ journey has been a long time in the making and I want to share what I have learned in the hope that we can all work towards a much greener future. For many years I was a Primary School Teacher but I gave up that career to create 'Pack It In'. 

For a long time, I had been an advocate of using reusables and recycling but in the last few years, with the advent of the Zero Waste movement, this has crystallised into a need to do something more. Gradually, I had eradicated a great deal of plastic from my household and focused on less-packaged food and self-care items. But, once some initial changes were completed, it became increasingly difficult to go any further as there weren’t any bulk retail outlets available locally.  Over time I came to the realisation that this was something that I could do myself, and ,Pack It In, was the result. I do hope that you will share this journey with me and join our ever-growing community!



An early addition to the Team, Victoria takes care of all the buying and much of the research into new products. Since taking on the job she has begun to put down more roots in Worcester after many years travelling. She has interests in Sustainable Food systems and Regenerative Agriculture and is excited about her new allotment! 



A recent graduate from Worcester University, Emma plans a Scientific career with interests in conservation. She is a keen walker and climber and is enjoying learning to Paddle Board. Emma is now working as a covid test tester but you may see her pop up from time to time.



A recent graduate from Worcester University, Georgina plans to head off to South Korea and teach English. She enjoys cooking, learning about skincare and nutrition and has an interest in everything Korean. Recently, Georgina has taken on the exciting task of developing recipes for our website and she's doing an amazing job!



You’ll see much less of him now as he’s gone back to University to do his Teacher Training. We will miss his cheerful smile but wish him well!