Healthy Living

What do you think of when you think of healthy living? Eating good food? Exercising? Using the latest creams and lotions to keep your body healthy? Cleaning your house with commercial cleaners that have to be the best – right?

Well, let’s look at those ideas:

Healthy Food – Healthy food means different things to different people. There are an increasing amount of people who are cooking from scratch, or eliminating dairy, meat, sugar and gluten for their health. Look out for Posts on those in the future but there is no doubt that eliminating them can be good for your health. However, you do need to replace them with good nutrition and that is where we can help. We have a wide range of wholefoods to help healthy eating including nuts, seeds, gluten free and dairy free products. We also have a new section of Recipes on the Website which use products from our shop. Using store cupboard basics such as we sell makes it easier to eat healthier and cheaper and helps you to avoid shopping so often if you’re trying to stay at home more at the moment.

Exercising – Many customers are using a walk or cycle to our shop as their daily exercise! A rucksack can really help with this to transport your food home but if your shop is really too heavy for you we can add you to our delivery round – meaning that you can do your daily walk, bringing your containers in to fill and let us do the heavy work of taking them home for you – Win Win!

Keeping Clean – We all want to keep clean and smell nice but so many of the modern body products do us so much harm without us realising. We sell a wide range of body and hair products that we choose carefully for their ethical and ingredient qualities so that they are good for your health, as well as the planet and your pocket! Some of them do take some transitioning to but we can help with that and I’ll go into this more fully in the future.

Clean House – Many people are seduced by the idea that their house and laundry should smell strongly of scents that they like. However, there is strong evidence that those very scents are really harmful for you and your family. Personally, strong chemical scents make me feel sick and I haven’t had any in my house for years. The cleaning and laundry products that we stock, are mildly scented with natural scents, enough for those who want that, but we also sell many unscented products and more traditional cleaning products like white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and citric acid. If you change to more eco-friendly natural cleaning products then you will find that you recover your sense of smell and will be shocked at how strong the scents from some people’s houses and clothes. I love the scent of an open window or line dried clothes – its better for your health and your pocket!

So when you think of what healthy living means – think again!

Phillipa Gilfillan  February 2021

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