New Online Shop Pack It In Zero Waste Living Worcestershire

Our First Newsletter on our Second Birthday!

Thank you so much for supporting us during the last 2 years and we hope that you will be with us for the next 2 and more! We really appreciate having such a large group of lovely regulars.

Pop in and say hello!
10% OFF INSTORE - To reward you all during our birthday week 05/10 - 10/10
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New Online Shop Pack It In Zero Waste Living Worcestershire

New Online Shop

Throughout Lockdown we were able to do deliveries and take orders for collection and this will continue through the website now. We hope that even if you don’t want to order online you will at least take a browse through the shop and may find items that you didn’t know we stocked! We have been extending our stock lines and now that we have got the website up and running we will be extending our ranges even more! We already have a long list of things to look into!


If you need local delivery because you are shielding, self-isolating or unable to make it into the shop (Open Mon-Fri 9-5) then we can help. We charge £3 for delivery and your items will be packaged in paper bags, unless you contact us to arrange to use your own containers on a circular system. Please see our website for details but do contact us if you are unsure.

Group Deliveries

In addition to deliveries to individuals houses we can also do group deliveries to workplaces. Do you have an eco-friendly boss for whom this might be a feasible option? Please get in touch if you think that your boss might be interested.

Woo Card

We have now joined this discount scheme for local independent business. 10% off to holders of the card. (Not in conjunction with any other offer)

New features on the website

Recipes & info on products will be coming soon!!

Worcester Zero Waste Shop Accepts Woo Card

Recycling Crisp Packets and Foil

We are taking crisps again (only crisp packets please!) but they do need to be stuffed (about 8 packets) inside another packet. Foil - needs to be actual foil - you need to be able to scrunch to and it holds its shape. Wine bottle tops are accepted but not beer bottle tops.

Accepting Eco Bricks again Worcestershire Zero Waste Shop


We are now taking them again, but they must be constructed correctly and fully validated on the Eco-Brik Website. Please wait for your validation email back as well!  We really need local Eco-Brik projects that can take them from us and create something from them - if you know of any local group that is considering a project please let us know their details.

COVID Measures

This is going well now - We have a sanitisation station outside the door where you can sanitise your hands and your containers before coming in and we are only allowing 3-4 customers into the shop at one time.

New products

We have a wide range of delicious vegan sweets, Peter Cooks Bread, and a new body wash which is unfragranced and suitable for bubble bath, shower gel and hand soap!! You can also add your own fragrance. We also now have refillable Castille Soap and washing up bars - Check out our online shop to see everything that we have! We will continue to get new products in now that the website is up and running!

How you can help us on Social Media

Please Tag us with pictures of your purchases with us (use the @ sign), comment and share our posts and this email too and generally be our advocate sign posting people to our shop and website. Many of you are already doing this so thank you very much!

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