Well, bring in your containers(plastic is fine!), weigh them, write the weight on them or print a sticker showing the weight on our customer scales, then fill with your choice of product and take it to the till. Simples!

Don't worry we have plenty of paper bags or, even better, plenty of donated plastic containers which are available for free.

We have paper bags and donated plastic containers for free and we have sterilised jars for a small cost. But, it is better to bring  your own containers - empty plastic bread bags or the inside of cereal packets are good light weight options. It is important to remember that paper bags need to be used at least 5 times to equal the carbon footprint of a plastic bag.

Don’t worry we will explain how they work and can help you the first few times until you are confident in using them.

Be assured we have pretty much seen it all and it won’t faze us! We have plenty of cloths on hand for the liquids and dustpan and brush for the dry goods!

We use ethical suppliers many of which are cooperatives and we try to find local suppliers and UK grown if possible.

For food we mainly use: Suma, Essential, Infinity, Hodmedods

For non food we use Work at Home mums for most of our fabric goods and Green Pioneer, A Fine Choice, and Eco-Living among others.

Depending on room, we are open to anything - what are you looking for?

Please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

We may have some part-time hours, at some point, for a keen zero-waster - please email us a CV and a covering letter.

Yes we do! Email info@packitin-zerowasteliving.co.uk ask about availability.

Yes we take glass jars - if you can remove the labels for us we’d appreciate it.

We take Plastic containers and give them a wash before putting them out for customers.

Only sturdy containers with good fitting lids though please.

Yes but they need to be stuffed inside each other.

This is because we have to send 8Kgs at a time and this saves us time in packing up the boxes.

Yes we do, for charity - we take foil/foiltrays/wine bottle tops.

We don’t currently have any plans to do this although we may consider a van and believe in the saying ‘never say never’!!! There are other shops around -  try ‘Zero-Waste Near Me’ ‘The Zerowaster’ to find a shop near you.

We do deliver though and could arrange multiple deliveries further afield if  you can organise a group of friends. Please get in touch to discuss.

They are a way of dealing with your unrecyclable plastic - please see our website page for a page with information and links. We also do workshops about them.

Unfortunately, we can’t take your collection of plastic from you - we just don’t have time!